Tuesday, July 11, 2017

4 Years of Grading Bullies High School Students

This is something I said years ago.  Giving grades, term after term, and year after year doesn't help. The grading system is the equivalent of bullying high school students.  It's no wonder why students choose to get high on drugs to cope with the grading system.  Not only that, but the grading system focuses too much on speed of learning, and not enough on long term memory, and real life problem solving.

I had no idea how bad it was until I worked at the Marine Biological Lab in Woods Hole, where Scientists, most of them with post doctoral degrees, needed reminders of the basics when it came time for peer reviewing other scientists.  If it is bad at a place that is considered more reputable than the Ivy Leagues, why haven't we put more effort in things such as study skills for the college bound folk?

Please teachers and professors of all kinds, stop focusing on how fast, and instead focus on retention related skills.  If it goes into the mind for a test, and pops out before the end of not just a semester, but after several years, that is something that should be taken into strong consideration.

The real test is should be one you can't prepare for, but comes at a completely random time.


Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Gypsy Moths Causing Evolution

On the subject of the fossil record, I wonder if the strata may be caused by invasive species causing punctuated equilibrium, instead of phyletic gradualism. This probably puts me in the minority because vocal scientists like Richard Dawkins seem to ignore punctuated equilibrium, favoring phyletic gradualism. This occurs to me because right now the trees around my house are covered in gypsy moths, such that it occurs to me that the death of trees over a hundred or perhaps a thousand years may appear as an actual geological stratum, or even strata. With modernity, if humans are still alive, and some say we won't be, there may be a time that we can discover this by studying patterns in creation of new species (given punctuated equilibrium new species would always be invasive), and migrant species, such as birds, bringing new species that are invasive.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Alex’s 2nd New Awesome Chess Variant

  1. On each turn, player flips a coin or roll a six-sided die.
  2. If a player flips a heads, or rolls an even number, then he or she gets to take two turns.
  3. If a player flips a tails, or rolls an odd number, then he or she only takes one turn.
  4. If a player is to take two turns and is put in check, or checkmate on the first turn, then he or she may sacrifice a pawn. This nullifies the status of the king.
  5. The rest of the rules are the same.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

To Introduce Wild Animals for Ecologic Healing


It is no secret that humans have possibly stressed the environment beyond repair.
We are currently in the middle of a mass extinction because of human misdeeds.
I presuppose that it is a fallacy to believe that humans can never help ecosystems.  The suggested fallacy many believe, heaven forfend, is that it is human activity by nature makes us in a way that we humans must permanently destroy more than we are able to mend due to human iniquities.  It is time for humanity to step up and take more effort to do good by nature because too often we wait, which causes dreaded population bottlenecks for species, making recovery even harder because it diminishes necessary antifragile genetic variability to a population.

If we reach out, we should not fear that animals will become dependent on our support.  We as humans should think of helping animals succeed as a job, and in addition humans should demand pay for such work, as wild animal breeders, such that wild animal breeding could be both a job creator and a human niche.
While not optimal, I believe that it could still be good to help both suffering species and non-endangered species.  Too often humans have waited to the extent that our activity creates a population bottleneck.  Rather, I suggest that we breed animals, especially harmless animals, with the hope of having them enter their natural niche out of captivity.

I even suggest that with the help of scientific research, in order to fight the toll of invasive species, possibly we could also safely introduce more invasive species, except the new invasive species, would be less troublesome, as they would be natural predators functioning to reduce the total damage done to indigenous species.   

In the future, we may end up having to help species in a multifaceted battlefront, including efforts to reduce toxic carbon emissions.  This is job #1 for humanity today.  We need to step up to the plate and assume a role of encouraging bio-friendly activities that heal the world, rather than giving up on ideals.


Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Spelling: In Favor of More Inclusive Dictionaries

When it comes to spelling, I hate vowels.  In English, the correct spelling of too many words hangs on vowels that usually don’t affect the meaning of the word, although there is a great difference in some words as affect, and effect.  In a definition, the vowel letters can be trivial and stumbling blocks even for someone who is well educated.  So what’s holding us back from accepting multiple spellings of words, such that we rewrite our English dictionaries, including multiple spellings of words like difference and, differance, or tomorrow, and tomarrow, etc.?

Monday, December 19, 2016

Newly Invented #Chess #Checkers Variant

By Alex and Craig Hamilton

Board Setup:  One player plays with chess pieces.  The other player has checkers pieces.

For the player with chess pieces:
  • There is the same number of chess pieces, 16, for the player who has chess pieces.
  • The King is white, and he goes on his color.  The Queen is black, and she goes on her color.
  • Each chess piece, black or white, goes on it’s color.  For example, the Castle on the right side of the board is white, while the Castle on the left side of the board is black.
  • The chess pieces move and capture as they would in a normal game of chess.
  • The way for the chess player to win is to eliminate all of the checkers on the board.

For the player with checkers:
  • In this variant, the checkers player controls 36 checkers.
  • These 36 checkers cover the the checkers player’s entire half of the board.
  • Each checker goes on it’s color, black or red.
  • The player with checkers plays opposite the side of the player with chess pieces.
  • The checkers move as checkers normally move.
  • The way for the checkers player to win is to put the chess player’s King in checkmate.

Please note:  There are 2 tokens used in the checker player’s that represent two missing red checkers.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Invention: Smile for the Computer

Dedicated computer users sometimes tend to have unnaturally drab faces. This is the “Not Face.”

Those with a Not Face may feel good or even bad inside. However, the electronically driven crowd is not communicating as good they should be; too many Not Faces everywhere.

I know this because some of the darkest times I went through, I had a smile on my face, all the while I was feeling miserable inside. Thus, there is a difference between smiling and feeling good.  Emotions come mostly from the inside. Smiling faces are superficial, and really only just muscles contracting according to cultural norm, or just plain conditioning.

Appearance is only skin deep, such that computer programmers should work on helping to condition people with dreary, "Not Faces" and to give them superficial help, and in addition to that probably make good money on it.

As an aside: Why muscle builders have neglected, to my knowledge, working on their facial muscles for the sake of giving themselves a smile is surprising.

The ultimate moneymaker idea is that someday faces meet the gym using a facial exercise program.